Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Gotta Start Somewhere...

Ok, so I started Yoga this year for the first time, ever- in my 34 years...Yoga on a regular (2-3 times a week basis). I never thought I would a. have time for it b. like it enough to do it more than once c. see the benefits of it d. (most importantly) have the patience to stick with it for an entire hour. I have noticed all of these benefits in fact and have enjoyed it immensely. I love getting my friends to come with me and TRY it out and see their potential in the movements. It is a wonderful practice and I like to think that everyone can benefit from it. I like to think of Yoga as a challenge to myself to have started SOMEWHERE. We all have to start somewhere. We wake up and start the day not necessarily knowing where it will take us. It is exciting and sometimes can be scary for some. Even I (who is super positive most of the time) have had THOSE DAYS. The best way to get excited about something you don't want to face is to just do it. Just get it moving. Put your shoes on. Brush your teeth. Fake it until you have to. It will come...and perhaps, even bigger and better than you thought. So, this picture- this was the USA triathlon age group national race at Hagg Lake outside Portland Oregon. My uncle took this photo upon my race start that day. Every tri starts with this peaceful entry into water- one of the most abundant, graceful, friendly element you can ever think of throwing your body while you anxiously start a physically demanding day. I always smile at the irony of it. You are about to get your heart rate up to 90% of your max for the next hour or two and you are going to start it with a nice, easy dive into this fresh water. I love it! That is what life is about. So, go submerge yourself into something peaceful and do so with a recklessly fun abandon. We all have to start somewhere!

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