Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Are You Doing? Really? I had a great discussion with a friend the other day about “knowing yourself” and truly understanding what you want and need out of life- and how those can be vastly different, yet close to the same. I started making an easy list of what the things are I want and need- objective and subjective. I came up with this…(I’m ok sharing…) WANT: 1. New Tri bike 2. World Peace 3. My Family to be safe always 4. My Friends to be safe always 5. Where my job is going to take me in 30 years 6. To Fall in Love 7. Sunshine everyday 8. More free time to spend at the grocery store 9. A bigger kitchen so I can cook and get fat ☺ 10. A Vitamix 11. A killer coffee maker NEED: 1. Air to breath 2. Food 3. Coffee everyday…not really picky where That’s about it right now. In the 10 minutes I gave myself to make these lists. I really don’t need much more and it feels good to say that. I am sure I need a few more things…shelter, perhaps a boyfriend ?!?, a new wetsuit…but, I feel grossly content in my life. I told my friend that spoke a lot about what “he wanted”, but when I asked him what he NEEDED, he honestly couldn’t tell me that. We are still talking and conversing about it and it makes for some really good topics at times during our talks. I always feel like I want to explore this more for myself and see if I can even get my NEED list smaller (maybe change the coffee to water! :☺ In the meantime, as the Rolling Stones say, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want, You Get What You Need.”

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