Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living Your Best Life

I had the opportunity the other day to train a new client who had walked into our gym about a week ago needing a trainer. You can tell he was "older," but definitely walked straight and had a youthful smile. I asked him if he had a preference for a male or female trainer and he said I "looked alright to him." We made an appointment to meet in a few days and we had our first workout Monday. We started with a physical questionnaire- and he answered questions about his 2 biggest issues: 1. The fact that he hadn't worked out in 2 years 2. He recently had a pacemaker put in 1.5 months ago, not because he needed it but because he has super low resting heart rate and his doctor advised it. I asked him his DOB- and his year read, 1929. Yes, he is 83 years old- or years young. I was floored. He is 6'1, Greek, has a tan that most people would die to have, and a sweet smile. He was asking me questions, like what I do for a workout and what kind of foods are ok for his diet. He knows he eats super healthy. He eats a "greek" diet and his Scottish wife cooks him only the best foods possible. He watches his heart health all of the time. He has drank 1/2 bottle of red wine a night. He asked if it was ok that he did that. I said, "why not?". It's amazing what you can learn from an experienced athlete. He asked me about the Ironman and he said he could finish 1- might take him 2 weeks, but he thought he could do it. He had quit working out at the SB Athletic Club because it was too hard to get the racquetball courts anymore- he played for over 50 years. His dream is to get back on the court. I knew it was his first workout with me that day in a while, and he hadn't been walking much, so I am thinking in my head how to get him to this goal. A 1 mile walk easy on the treadmill was the best start. After our warm up walk, he was ready to go and do some band work. We did some mobility assessment- I couldn't believe his squat. It was the absolute best squat anyone has ever done for me over the age of 80. His lunge needs some work- and his left side of his upper body is a bit weak, but he will definitely show some growth. The best part of my day, at the end of the workout- he said that was the best thing he had done for his body in 2 years. That made me super excited. I wish all of my clients felt that way. I will see him next week for sure! Have a great day- and a great workout! Coach E

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